Basics of Fraud Investigations

Author: Robert K Minniti

CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

If you are working in the forensic accounting field at some time in your career it may be necessary to conduct a fraud investigation. This course is designed to review the procedures for conducting fraud investigations. We will review the steps and discuss potential pitfalls as well as some of the legal issues involved in conducting fraud investigations. Real world examples will be provided to help the participants understand the material in the course.

Publication Date: July 2021

Designed For
CPAs, CFEs, CFFs, MAFFs, CGMAs, CMAs, CIAs, CFOs, CEOs, business owners, business managers, internal auditors, external auditors, corporate accountants, government accountants and risk management personnel.

Topics Covered

  • PI License Requirements
  • Pretexting
  • Three Types of Surveillance
  • Recording Conversations
  • Video Recordings
  • Public Records
  • Consent Required
  • Illegal Investigation Activities
  • Gathering Evidence: Direct Evidence vs. Circumstantial Evidence
  • Obtaining Evidence
  • Gathering Electronic Evidence
  • Data Formats
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Obtaining Credit Reports
  • Public Records
  • Interviewing
  • Lifestyle Audits
  • Other Methods for Verifying Evidence
  • Documenting Evidence
  • Some Tools for Analyzing and Presenting Evidence

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize which states require PI licensing
  • Recognize illegal investigative activities
  • Describe the predication of fraud
  • Identify and review the procedures for conducting a fraud investigation
  • Recognize which types of data analytics is used to discover the cause of an issue
  • Recognize which interviewing methodologies is no longer used in the United States
  • Identify which documents must be included in the discovery process
  • Recognize which state allows exceptions for Private Investigator (PI) licensing for CPAs
  • Identify public records
  • Recognize when to use each tool during an investigation
  • identify unstructured data


Instructional Method

NASBA Field of Study
Accounting (2 hours)

Program Prerequisites

Advance Preparation

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