Real Estate Taxation After Tax Reform (Currently Unavailable)

Recent legislation caused a whirlwind of changes to tax planning specifics. Real estate taxation was no exception to that. Real estate has been the number one way to build wealth in this country for generations. With the implementation of Sec. 199A, investors are more confused than ever about qualifying income deductions, changes to capital gains and losses, depreciation and more.

This bundle includes courses on tax planning with Sec. 199A in mind, bonus depreciation and other topics of interest to your real estate investing clientele.

This course is excluded from all subscription packages.

This on-demand course will give you updates on bonus depreciation and cost segregation. The program will clarify many confusing areas of bonus depreciation and discuss how it interacts with cost segregation. Finally, we will discuss any current case law or legal developments in the area of Cost Segregation.
Understand Intricacies of Tax Basis for Property Acquired by Exchanges, Gift, Inheritance or Other Means
The Qualified Business Income Deduction and Rental Real Estate--Making Sense of It All
Apply Latest Tax Reform Developments to Depreciation Decisions to Maximize Benefit
Do your business clients have real estate holdings? Let Greg White walk you through all of the critical changes made by the TCJA that affect real estate taxation. He covers an array of topics, including bonus depreciation after the TCJA, Section 179 and its application to real estate property, interest deductibility under Section 163(j), and more.
Total: 5 courses (12 CPE hours)

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